Journal Articles

Manhattan urban news of interest, Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines, popular opinion, entertaining or informative on news-worthy issues or trends, research-based.


The core of my body of work, predominently in the disciplines of interior design and health.

Website Content

Intelligent use of keyword content to satisfy the appetities of the major search engines.


Weaving together the personal and heart-warming stories that honor and memorialize the departed.


Assign me a topic and I will weave my personal experience into the commentary, as long as it is a subject with which I am familiar.


A memoir, the account of your life’s experience, is often written by a ghost writer. It is a rare person whose life is memoir-worthy and who possesses the ability to craft the words meaningfully.


Many professionals have a difficult time writing their own bio. I can compose it for you and make it sound just like it came from your own keyboard.


Called on to deliver a speech? One of life’s terrifying moments. The expectation is that your delivery will be not only informative, but entertaining as well. Let me help you.


Although the internet has evolved to be one’s online brochure, the message still needs to be carefully constructed, whether ending up in print form or on an e-device.


Many website owners have lofty expectations that once their site is published, they will add blog content on a regular basis. Two months later, it becomes a burden. There is nothing sadder than to look at a site’s blog and see that the newest blog was published well in the past. I have an unlimited mental supply of blog topics, and I know the expectations of the search engines (a constantly fluid set of “rules” to determine page rank). It’s much easier for me to blog for you than to blog for myself, as evidenced by my own personal blog, which I invite you to follow and bookmark.

Product Descriptions

Whether short blurbs for a catalog or for a major new product launch, I can work with you to create the content that works for the brand or space.


Copy editing is proofreading on steroids. Beyond catching poor spelling or grammer, a copyeditor cleans up a myriad of writing mistakes, from formatting, to style and accuracy, without changing the essence of your message.


I have two ex-husbands who will both attest to the fact that I’m a skilled fault-finder. Send me your copy and I’ll proofread it with an eagle eye.

Press Releases

Press releases today need to appeal to a variety of readers, as news aggregators such as Google News serve up press releases to all of their subscribers. Given that, the words in the press release are more powerful today than ever before.

Business Proposals

When a request for proposals crosses your desk, I can either write the entire response for you or polish and proofread your content.


The skill involved in writing manuals starts with the ability to break up the material into the simplest steps and build the content into an easily-understood flow of instructions. Manuals are among the most challenging for any business to write.


Key words are king when writing a resume. With the advent of online posting for jobs, the data engines are all focusing on the key words that will allow your resume to fall into the right hands. Let me help.


Writers are good researchers because we have at our disposal a head full of equivalent terms and phrases for any topic being researched. When you need research done, hire a writer.